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The company believes itself as a collection of evolving capabilities, not merely as a collection of products alone. Relying on total quality management, pace seating has the ability to sense the market to empathize with and gain insights from customers. Pace has succeeded in producing chairs with a competitive edge in terms of ergonomics, aesthetical value, functionality, durability and price. Pace has its aim to improve the working conditions in the office, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of human resources. A necessary fallout of this strategy has been PACE SEATING growing clientele, ranging from small businesses to institutions and Indian and global corporations.

Vision & Mission

Be a business partner to our customers so that we can create office's that inspire people to delivery their best. To be one of the most creative and valuable company in the country.


Injection moulding machines CNC Tube Bending Co2 Welding Machines, Pnuematic Assembly lines Multi Boering Machine, BIFMA Testing Machine Riveting Machine. Pace has a manufacturing set up to manufacture 15000 chairs per month and still growing the production set up in the comming years.


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